Tub and Surround Resurfacing

If your bathtub and the surrounding tiles are looking worn or outdated, then resurfacing is an excellent option for you. Tub resurfacing uses the existing surface and takes only a few hours to complete. We at Cordero Painting are leading company in this industry and offer high-grade tub and surround resurfacing solutions to clients across Portland as well as the Vancouver area.

Why Opt for Bathtub Resurfacing Services?

We understand all the hassles that come with replacing your bathtub, from sourcing the right replacement size to making sure the tile surround is taken apart without damaging any other features. Rather than be left without a functional bathroom space for several days, allow Cordero Painting to complete the tub and surround resurfacing job in just a couple of days or less.

We use the latest technology in our work and a multi-step process in every tub and surround resurfacing job we handle. You can rest assured that your resurfaced bathtub will be easy to clean, durable, great to look at and long-lasting too. The high quality resurfacing method that we use can easily add 10-15 years to the overall life of your bathtub.

The Bathtub Resurfacing Work Process

Our experts make sure that the work is completed methodically and meticulously without taking any shortcuts, they will carefully isolate the bathtub and the surrounding tiles while protecting all the other adjacent surfaces. They will carry out the surface preparation and ventilate the surrounding areas well.

We have vast experience in resurfacing bathtubs and handle thousands of similar jobs each year. When you hire us for this job, you are assured of a durable product that will enhance the beauty of your home and add value to your property. In addition to bathtubs and surrounds, we can also resurface sinks, cabinets, countertops, claw foot tubs, and bathroom tiles.

Our experts make sure that the work is completed with the least amount of disruption on your property, quickly and to your 100% satisfaction. When you choose us for your tub and surround resurfacing job, you know you have some of the best technicians in the region, working on your project.

For any more information about our cost-effective tub and surround resurfacing services, feel free to call Cordero Painting on these numbers- OR:  503-848-7788, WA: 425-374-2348. You can also use this Online Form to send us your queries, and we will respond shortly.