Pressure Washing

Is your siding looking dull and drab? Does your driveway look like it can do with a good clean?  Are the hardscaping features in your yard or the exterior walls of your home or commercial building looking worn and tired?

All of these are prevalent problems that property owners find themselves dealing with over time.  Maintaining a home or commercial space isn’t just about making sure that all the indoor areas are cleaned and maintained well. You also need to make sure that all of the outdoor spaces and the features in it are cleaned regularly too.

Professional Pressure Washing Services

Rain combined with air pollution & dirt often contribute to the build-up of mold and mildew, making the exteriors of your home or commercial property look drab and dirty. At Cordero Painting, we don’t just provide exceptional painting services. Our team of experts also handle all types of pressure washing jobs on commercial and residential properties.

We offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to all of your exterior cleaning requirements with our professional pressure washing services. This can help restore the look of exterior areas of your commercial building or home such as the driveway, walkways, garages, retaining walls, sidewalk, concrete pathways, patios, decks, stucco, siding, fences, brick and other features too.  Our technicians can clean up the dingy areas around your commercial property or home using the latest pressure washing techniques.

Why Is Pressure Washing So Effective?

Pressure washing is very effective in breaking the bond between the surfaces and any build-up, be it mud, dust, grease, grit, stains, and more. It’s the most efficient and effective exterior cleaning technique since it works on both the molecular and physical level. With our modern pressure washers, we can control the pressure of the water depending on the surface being cleaned.

Since a power washer hose is used in the cleaning process, we can clean even the most difficult to reach areas. Investing in professional pressure washing services at least once a year will ensure that the outdoor spaces of your property stay looking great. Why risk damaging features on your property with a DIY pressure washing job when you can hire experts like us at very cost-effective price points?

For any more information about our pressure washing services, feel free to call Cordero Painting on these numbers- OR:  503-848-7788, WA: 425-374-2348. You can also use this Online Form to send us your queries and we will respond shortly.